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short concise succinct summary quick abbreviated terse fleeting little short-lived curt fast swift sharp hasty pithy blunt momentary transitory passing ephemeral thumbnail shortened micro snappy small slight snap cursory condensed rapid early prompt speedy bit expeditious young low minor petty poor brisk strong steep hurried compact scanty fugitive laconic quickie transient flying abrupt crisp compendious rough limit fleet summary synopsis abstract digest epitome resume mandate remit outline instructions case short recapitulation abridgment briefing overview nutshell submission directive defence account resume memo report child pleading summation summarization synthesis brevity mission task assignment job duty paper compendium micro conciseness counsel issue record boy matter advocate baby direction memorandum son purpose responsibility young minor burden girl guidance inform advise instruct report update acquaint notify summarize communicate apprise disclose resume tell educate alert convey caution post synthesize recap send learn state upgrade refresh appear teach direct abridged abridged abridgment abridgment abridgments abridgments abrupter abruptest abrupts alerting alerts apprises apprising arousers avised baggy binders blunted blunter bluntest blunts breve breves brevetcy brevities brevity briefings briguings brisked brisking brisks cagework capework caseload caseloads casework caseworm cautions champacas compactest compacts compendiums concisenesses conciser concisest condenses fugacious perfunctory temporary impermanent fading evanescent

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of short duration.

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